Student Spotlight – Katie Sanborn

What are your short term career goals?

My short term goals include graduating in May 2021 from Concordia University with a degree in Healthcare Administration. I continue to actively pursue new organizational and healthcare management experiences through my internship in the Concordia University Pro Bono Clinic as well as being the current president of our healthcare group on campus (in Next Generation Healthcare Leaders.)

How has ACHE been valuable to you?

ACHE has provided opportunities to access healthcare industry best practices and trends through various events, guest speakers, networking, and mentoring opportunities. Each opportunity has provided additional educational opportunities outside my college courses.

Who has been the most influential person in your career progression?

To name the most influential person is difficult as so many individuals have played such an active and supportive role in my career
(professors, fellow NGHL/ACHE team members and leaders). My current mentor Emily Dilley, Director of Marketing and New Program Development at Prairie Ridge Health has been a trusted adviser and role model this current year. Emily has provided valuable insight, direction, and guidance allowing me to establish my own sense of direction within my college and healthcare career. I deeply value the working relationship Emily and I have formed and the knowledge and expertise she has shared with me.

What is something that you are working on recently that you are excited about?

This past semester I have had an internship opportunity to work in the Concordia University Pro Bono clinic. Working with clients as well as internal staff has allowed me the opportunity to incorporate my analytical, communication, interpersonal, and critical thinking skill set in my day to day interactions and projects. My time spent working in the Pro Bono Clinic has provided a better understanding of safety, quality, patient, and caregiver engagement.

What is the best gift that you ever received?

The best gift I ever received was being blessed with the gift of family. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a loving and supportive multi-generational family. I recently lost my Great Grandmother at the age of 98. Living with those who have come before you opens your eyes and most importantly your heart to embracing an individual at every step in the journey we call life. The gift of my multi-generational family lead me to a career in health care. Knowing we are all God’s children, a “family in Christ” drives my daily interactions. We are all here to serve one another through action, word, and deed a precious gift indeed.