Chapter Member Needs Survey

On May 3, ACHE launched the annual Chapter Member Needs Survey, which will give you a chance to provide feedback on the ACHE programs and services. This survey is sent out via personalized emails containing links to our survey provider’s website. Please be aware the survey link is specific to the member—it cannot be forwarded to other individuals. It will be sent to all members who can receive emails from us if they have been a member of your chapter for at least a year. Reminder emails are scheduled for May 10 and May 17. Data collection will close on May 21.


  • The survey was sent on May 3 to members who have been in the chapter for at least a year.
  • Please check your spam consoles first if you do not receive the survey email. When our survey emails are blocked by other organizations, the email is often found in the organization’s spam console.
  • Please inform the Wisconsin chapter if you did not receive the survey and if you could not find it in their spam folders.