Shared Imaging Services

Shared Imaging Services was established in 1982 to meet the diagnostic radiology needs of rural hospitals. Modalities include nuclear medicine, cardiac echo and ultrasound services. Shared Imaging Services is also a joint venture partner with hospitals to provide MRI services with in-house MRI scanners.

Shared Imaging Services has some of the most tenured and experienced technologists in their field. We stay on the cutting edge by implementing a monthly training program discussing and exploring the latest in not only technology but procedures and techniques. We also have the latest equipment for all of the services we provide and upgrade regularly to provide the newest and latest technology and procedures, bringing University level diagnostics to rural hospitals. We partner with hospitals in a variety of ways from joint ventures to providing staff and equipment for a “per click” basis, and even provide on call services.

We provide full staffing to hospitals to include all equipment and on-call service to all our client hospitals. We charge per scan so there is no additional fees for hours or equipment. Our ability to increase staffing during busy times and reduce staff during the slow times is something most hospitals can’t do, for SIS it’s no problem.

Shared Imaging Services provides our hospital clients access to our portal where all of our technologist’s information, training, medical information and qualifications and training certificates make it easy to get all the information when you need it.

Excellent patient care has been a core value of SIS since its inception and our team has been recipient of numerous patient care awards and accolades from SSM, UW and Lucid Radiology. Each year we conduct a survey focusing on not only the patient feedback but the physician feedback as well. These results are shared with each facility and a report is generated for the overall survey. This year our survey was conducted and a 99.7% favorable response of good or excellent.

LDP Cohort XIV Visits Mayo Clinic and Celebrates Completion of ACHE-WI Leadership Development Program

ACHE-WI Leadership Development Program (LDP) cohort XIV met with senior executives of Mayo Clinic Health System for an educational Site Visit with leaders at Mayo Clinic – La Crosse Hospital.

Cohort members gathered for breakfast to learn about the history of Mayo Clinic, then spent quality time with system and regional leaders including Chris Hasse, Chief Administrative Officer MCHS; Tanner Holst, Regional Chair of Administration Southwest Wisconsin; and Dr. Paul Mueller, M.D., Regional VP Southwest Wisconsin. The group then enjoyed enlightening tours of the Cardiac Cath Lab, Special Procedures Unit, Cardiac Sonography, and Cardiopulmonary Rehab. Jerilyn Mulcahy, Operations Administrator, WI Cardiology joined the group for an informative conversation followed by lunch featuring Southwestern BBQ.  The cohort wrapped up the day with an end of the year social in La Crosse, to celebrate their successful graduation from the year-long Leadership Development Program. Special thanks to cohort member Sam Meyers for planning the eventful day, and to LDP co-chairs Kathleen Olewinski and Betsy Folbrecht for ongoing support along with outgoing co-chairs Aaron Kinney and Jennifer Benrud.

ACHE-WI recognizes LDP cohort XIV alumni Aly Capp, John Davis, Sherrie Dorow, Kiefer Jundt, Nora Kopping, Ben Meyer, Sam Meyers, Kaila Mitchell, Milan Patel and Kalli VandenHeuvel as they join the ranks of 100 graduates of our Leadership Development Program. Congratulations!

It’s time to cast your vote!

The American College of Healthcare Executives-Wisconsin Chapter strives to assemble a board that encompasses a diverse representation of leaders throughout the state who are committed to the advancement of healthcare leadership and fulfilling the chapter’s mission. The mission of the Chapter is to be the professional membership society for healthcare executives; to meet its members’ professional, educational, and leadership needs; to promote high ethical standards and conduct; to advance healthcare leadership and management excellence; and to promote the mission of ACHE.

Currently there are 4 At-Large positions open for 2024.  Please review the candidate statements here and vote for up to FOUR (4) candidates.  The deadline to submit your vote is Monday, October 30, 2023.

ACHE Announces Nominating Committee 2022 Slate

The ACHE Nominating Committee has selected a slate of leaders to be presented for approval at the Council of Regents Meeting, March 26. All nominees have been notified and have agreed to serve if elected. All terms begin at the close of the Council meeting in March. The 2022 slate is as follows:

Nominating Committee Member, District 1 (two-year term ending in 2024)
Christine C. Winn, FACHE
Senior Vice President, MD Anderson Cancer Center Institute and Physician Alignment
Cooper University Health Care
Camden, N.J.

Nominating Committee Member, District 4 (two-year term ending in 2024)
Todd A. Caliva, FACHE
HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake
Webster, Texas

Nominating Committee Member, District 5 (two-year term ending in 2024)
Jennifer D. Alderfer, FACHE
SCL Health/Good Samaritan Medical Center
Lafayette, Colo.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Noel J. Cardenas, FACHE
Senior Vice President/CEO
Memorial Hermann Southeast and Pearland Hospitals

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Michael K. Givens, FACHE
St. Bernards Medical Center
Jonesboro, Ark.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Michele R. Martz, CPA, FACHE
UPMC Western Maryland
Cumberland, Md.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Dodie T. McElmurray, RN, FACHE
CEO, Community Hospitals
The University of Mississippi Medical Center
Grenada, Miss.

Delvecchio S. Finley, FACHE
Atrium Health Navicent
Macon, Ga.

Additional nominations for members of the Nominating Committee may be made from the floor at the annual Council of Regents Meeting.

Additional nominations for the offices of Chair-Elect and Governor may be made in the following manner: Any Fellow may be nominated by written petition of at least 15 members of the Council of Regents. Petitions must be received in the ACHE headquarters office (American College of Healthcare Executives, 300 S. Riverside Plaza, Ste. 1900, Chicago, IL 60606-6698) at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting of the Council of Regents. Regents shall be notified in writing of nominations at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting of the Council of Regents.

Thanks to the members of the Nominating Committee for their contributions to this important assignment:

Heather J. Rohan, FACHE
Michael J. Fosina, FACHE
John G. Faubion, FACHE
Col Stephanie S. Ku, FACHE
Jayne E. Pope, FACHE
John M. Snyder, FACHE
Jhaymee Tynan, FACHE
Peter J. Wright, FACHE

LDP Virtual Site Visit at North Central Health Care October 28th

North Central Health Care hosted a full-day virtual site visit with our chapter Leadership Development Program (LDP) cohort, focused on master facility planning; an executive Q&A panel on leading through change & uncertainty; expansion of mental & behavioral health services; psychiatry residency program; understanding dementia; and a virtual tour. Special thanks to executives and professional staff including Jarret Nickel, MBA,LNHA, Tom Boutain, MBA, Dr. Robert Gouthro, Trisha Stefonek and Cagney Martin.

LDP cohort members include host Zach Ziesemer, Sandra Elsen, Alyssa Graffy, MHA, Kyle Landry, Jason Mattern, Maria Mejia, Jenny Nikolai, Mary A. Rueth, MBA, Melissa Schlimgen and Brayden Longnecker. Interested in applying for the next cohort? Watch for more information online or connect with LDP co-chairs Kathleen Olewinski, FACHE and Kelly Boggs to learn more!

New Podcast Episode Released – Career Path of a Physician Leader: Dr. Joe Behn

Do you see yourself as a leader?  Others might; listen to your trusted colleagues and mentors who may be nudging you to assume more leadership roles. They may see something in you that you don’t see yourself. Today we chat with Dr. Joe Behn about his career path as a clinician leader. He is the Vice Chair of Family Medicine, Clinical Practice, SWWI; Instructor of Family Medicine; and Chair of Virtual Community Care Subcommittee, SWWI at Mayo Clinic Health System. We discuss how all leaders make mistakes but no mistake is unrecoverable; except those you don’t learn from. We hope you enjoy!

LDP Site Visit with Executives from Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin

Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) spent an impactful day of learning with influential healthcare executives at Froedtert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin in a virtual site visit with virtual tours last week, and gained valuable insights from inspiring leaders including: Froedtert President and CEO Cathy Jacobson, Mark Behl, Matthew Rehmann, Erika Smith, Andrew Dresang and Amanda Wisth from Froedtert Health; and MCW President and CEO Dr. John Raymond, Dr. Jose Franco, Lisa Henk, Christina Ellis, Nate Filzen and Richard Katschke from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Members of LDP cohort XII participating include co-hosts Jenny Nikolai and Alyssa Graffy, plus Sandra Elsen, Maria Mejia Franco, Kyle Landry, Brayden Longnecker, Jason Mattern, Mary Rueth, Melissa Schlimgen and Zach Ziesemer, and LDP co-chair Kathleen Olewinski plus LDP alum Betsy Folbrecht and FHE student mentee Jai Lor.

ACHE Leadership Development Program Highlights Site Visit with Navvis Healthcare and SSM Health

Members of ACHE-WI Leadership Development Program (LDP) cohort XII were joined by leaders from Navvis Healthcare and SSM Health for a site visit co-hosted by Melissa Schlimgen and Brayden Longnecker with their respective organizations on July 22, 2021.

The hybrid visit began with a Navvis overview and review of Navvis markets, impacts and outcomes. This was followed by an interactive Navvis showcase with Nicole Amling, SVP, Head of Human Resources; Dr. Aman Chawla, SVP and Medical Director of Practice Optimization; Chuck Eberl, Chief Strategy Officer; Dr. Miles Snowden, Chief Growth Officer and EVP of Physician Strategy; and Courtney Fortner, Chief Operations Officer. Leaders joined the group for a panel discussion, and then a practice optimization deep dive followed by Q&A.

The afternoon site visit kicked off with an SSM Health Wisconsin overview by Joyce Zweifel, MBA, FACHE. The group then met with an administrator panel from SSM Health Dean Medical Group, for an engaging discussion with Ben Jarvis, MHSA, Administrator, Surgical Operations; Diona Sheehan, MAPC, Administrator, Clinical Services; Steve Wilkes, MS, PT, Administrator, Clinical Operations; and Tanya Kroll, MBA, Administrator, Women’s Health and Digestive Health. The afternoon continued with an overview of Pharmacy and PBM Operations, with Brent Eberle, MBA, RPh, Senior Vice President & Chief Pharmacy Officer, Navitus; and Mo Kharbat, MBA, BPharm, RPh, BCPS, Regional Vice President, Pharmacy Services, SSM WI. The day was capped off with a tour of St. Mary’s Hospital, led by Craig Sommers, MHA, Vice President of Operations.

Members of LDP cohort XII include co-hosts Melissa Schlimgen and Brayden Longnecker, plus Alyssa Graffy, Jenny Nikolai, Maria Mejia Franco, Sandra Elsen, Zach Ziesemer, Mary Rueth, Jason Mattern and Kyle Landry.

ACHE Leadership Development Program – Mayo Clinic Health System Site Visit Spotlight

On June 24, 2021, our latest cohort of the ACHE Leadership development program kicked off one of their first site visits as a team. The effort was led by Sandra Elsen, MBA, Sr. Health Systems Engineer, in the Management Engineering and Consulting Department as part of the SW WI Mayo Clinic Health System.
The team took an exemplary and globally known system, and a highly motivated group of early careerists, and tackled some of the most pressing topics affecting all health systems nationally. Some of the highlights included culture work, a deep dive on Mayo’s clinic leadership model, women in leadership, and a closer look at management, engineering, and consulting as a service.

The impactful work did not end there, with the team tackling a master visioning exercise, and even engaging in some leadership through medical improv. Special thanks to the team for their commitment to excellence and for leading such a world-class site visit!

2021 IHF Awards Open for Entries

The International Hospital Federation is currently accepting submissions for the 2021 IHF Awards, including the American College of Healthcare Executives Excellence Award for Leadership and Management.

As ACHE is a premier association member of IHF, this award is open to all ACHE members (and their hospitals or health service providers) who demonstrate excellence or outstanding achievements in leadership and management. Learn more about award eligibility.

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are invited to submit their entries by July 2 for a chance to be recognized internationally. Encourage your chapter’s members to apply for the award.

The winners of the IHF Awards will be announced during the 44th IHF World Hospital Congress, scheduled for Nov. 8–11, 2021, in Barcelona, Spain.