UW – Milwaukee Future Healthcare Executives

The Future Healthcare Executives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee shall serve as an official participant organization of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) higher education network in appropriate matters as prescribed by ACHE, and shall be subject to the guidelines of ACHE as they may be published from time to time.

The objectives of this organization are as follows:

  1. To promote an environment conducive to educational and ethical development of personal and social skills in a manner that will enhance the attainment of effective leadership in health services.
  2. To provide a vehicle for constructive student involvement, recognition, and representation in the profession of healthcare administration.
  3. To develop an association with local and regional health services groups to enhance academic and career opportunities.
  4. To establish congruence between undergraduates, graduate and professional continuing educational activities to foster a skillful and sensitive approach to healthcare administration.
  5. To inform members, potential members, and others in the community of the purpose of The Future Healthcare Executives, its goals, programs, and benefits, and reasons for advancing in the status within the college, this chapter thereby being a mechanism to exemplify and encourage pride in the profession of healthcare administration.
  6. To provide interaction between healthcare students and healthcare professionals within a constructive forum.


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Nicole and Brigitta Advocacy Day 2016

Nicole & Brigitta at Advocacy Day 2016

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