Shared Imaging Services

Shared Imaging Services was established in 1982 to meet the diagnostic radiology needs of rural hospitals. Modalities include nuclear medicine, cardiac echo and ultrasound services. Shared Imaging Services is also a joint venture partner with hospitals to provide MRI services with in-house MRI scanners.

Shared Imaging Services has some of the most tenured and experienced technologists in their field. We stay on the cutting edge by implementing a monthly training program discussing and exploring the latest in not only technology but procedures and techniques. We also have the latest equipment for all of the services we provide and upgrade regularly to provide the newest and latest technology and procedures, bringing University level diagnostics to rural hospitals. We partner with hospitals in a variety of ways from joint ventures to providing staff and equipment for a “per click” basis, and even provide on call services.

We provide full staffing to hospitals to include all equipment and on-call service to all our client hospitals. We charge per scan so there is no additional fees for hours or equipment. Our ability to increase staffing during busy times and reduce staff during the slow times is something most hospitals can’t do, for SIS it’s no problem.

Shared Imaging Services provides our hospital clients access to our portal where all of our technologist’s information, training, medical information and qualifications and training certificates make it easy to get all the information when you need it.

Excellent patient care has been a core value of SIS since its inception and our team has been recipient of numerous patient care awards and accolades from SSM, UW and Lucid Radiology. Each year we conduct a survey focusing on not only the patient feedback but the physician feedback as well. These results are shared with each facility and a report is generated for the overall survey. This year our survey was conducted and a 99.7% favorable response of good or excellent.