Leadership Development Program Visits Aurora West Allis Medical Center/Advocate Aurora Health and Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin

ACHE-WI 2019-2020 Leadership Development Program (LDP) cohort X had the opportunity to spend quality time with senior leaders from Advocate Aurora Health and Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin on August 23rd, during a full day site visit split between 2 locations.

LDP co-host Nick Ladell shared an overview of the organizational background and integration of Advocate Aurora Health during an informative breakfast gathering, followed by a tour of the Aurora Women’s Pavilion and Aurora West Allis Medical Center campus and a group discussion about Resiliency and Well-Being.

Steve Francaviglia/Regional President and Frank LaVora, MD/Regional Chief Medical Officer at Advocate Aurora Health enlightened the early careerists with words of wisdom and important lessons about effective leadership, communication challenges and strategies, delegating, living well, and defining a legacy through relationship building and mentorship. Thought-provoking conversations with executive leaders at the system level inspired personal reflection and specific calls to action.

The cohort then traveled to Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin in Glendale, and was personally welcomed with an elegant dining experience and opportunity to meet with senior leaders Brian Cramer/CEO, Brandon Goldbeck/Director of Clinical Support, Kim Spiess/CFO and Nanette Johnson/CNO.

An in-depth CEO-led hospital tour provided insights into shaping organizational culture and recognized critical success factors focused on Quality, Patient Satisfaction and Staff Satisfaction. While rounding the front line staff were meaningfully engaged, and the cohort had an opportunity to meet Rory Wright, MD/orthopedic surgeon and co-founder of the uniquely physician-owned and physician-led hospital. High impact time with Brian Cramer throughout the afternoon became an impromptu master class in leadership, including modeling crucial conversations and best practices in action with an inspiring commitment to developing others.

Key takeaways learned and observed during the 2 site visits include: be visible as a leader; be genuine and show humility; round with purpose; treat patients and staff like family; invest in staff at all levels to achieve their greatest potential, with the support of mentorship and sponsorship; be bold and take on new challenges; be creative and be collaborative; recognize and reward front line staff who deliver exceptional care to achieve the top nationally recognized outcomes; take time to personally re-charge.

The site visits were co-hosted by Nick Ladell/Director, Pharmacy Services at Aurora West Allis Medical Center/Advocate Aurora Health and Will McMullen/Financial Analyst, Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin. Students mentored by each co-host through the ACHE-WI Leadership Development Program greatly appreciated the invitation to join the cohort for part of the day, including Madeline Wundrock and Rachel Schneider from Future Healthcare Executives at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

LDP Cohort X Site Visit at Aurora West Allis Medical Center, Advocate Aurora Health

Pictured (left to right): Jeron Jackson; Jenny Benrud; Derek Angle; Nick Ladell;
Betsy Folbrecht; Bethany Seeboth; Will McMullen; Chris Gries.