Carroll University’s MBA Program Update

As Wisconsin’s first, four-year institution of higher learning, Carroll University provides a learning community that supports each student’s passion and purpose.  As a student in the MBA program, you can specialize in healthcare administration, business analytics, or business management.

  • In healthcare administration, you will learn to address the particular demands of information management in healthcare settings; navigate the ethical and policy landscapes of the healthcare industry; measure quality of care, patient satisfaction, and operations; and solve finance and budgeting issues that can arise within healthcare settings.
  • In business analytics, you will learn to support data-driven decision making by harnessing big data for visualizations, dashboards, and predictive analytics.  You’ll learn to effectively communicate the story of the data through actionable insights that can be used to address emerging business challenges.
  • In business management, you’ll get a broad view of the managerial role in an organization.  You’ll learn about the many facets of a company a manager must consider, such as the economic applications, the marketing plan, the financial plan, and supply chain disruptions that occur in a changing business environment

Carroll University’s MBA program offers flexibility to choose your path for balancing work, education, and life.  Small class sizes provide connections with other working professionals, professors, and industry thought leaders. Accelerate career growth by immediately applying knowledge in your daily life.

Become a pioneer.  Enroll in Carroll University’s MBA program.

For more information about Carroll’s MBA program, join us for our Graduate Open House on July 22, 2020 ( or contact us via the Carroll University website (