Message From Your Regent – Summer 2020

Well, over six months into this public health emergency, and I can say, ACHE has shown resiliency and adaptability by continuing to move forward and provide valuable and engaging programming for our members’ growth and professional enrichment. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this happen. The pandemic has brought ACHE members together, as an organization, in ways we never imagined, and for many of us well “out of our comfort zones.” We are connecting and learning through Zoom, Teams, Skype, and other virtual methods, slowly but surely moving toward happier days. While we may never return to the days of old, ACHE is adapting to these new learning formats and continuing to provide members with career support and growth opportunities.

Please participate in some of the upcoming virtual opportunities to continue your growth and professional enrichment. Watch the website and your emails for the registration to open for the following events.

Virtual events, coming in September: 

Date Time Title
Sept. 9 Noon The 2020-2021 Legislative and Regulatory Update
Sept. 16 Noon Healthcare State of the State
Sept. 16 4:30 pm Wisconsin Hospitals State PAC and Conduit
Sept. 23 Noon The Business Case of Evidence-Based Design Features for Staff: Translating Traditional ROI Data into Financial Performance
Sept. 30 Noon Mentoring and Building Your Network

Additional Virtual Events, planned for October through December:

Date Time Topic
Oct. 8 Noon Ethical Challenges in Healthcare Leadership
Oct. 22 4 pm Telemedicine in the Healthcare Delivery System
Nov. 5 Noon Equity of Care
Nov. 6 All-Day Women in Healthcare Leadership
Nov. 19 4 pm What we Learned: Leadership and Crisis Management: Strategies to Effectively Manage a Healthcare Organization
Dec. 3 Noon Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint of Success, Lead and Reward a Just Culture and Establish Organizational Behavior Expectations
Dec. 17 4 pm COVID-19: What we Learned Staffing/People Resources and Supply Chain

ACHE Learning Opportunity

In closing, I recently met a wonderful individual and resource who is available to ACHE members. Cie Armstead joined ACHE in November 2015, becoming the association’s first Diversity and Inclusion Director. One of her major accomplishments is the development of the Executive Diversity Career Navigator (EDCN). EDCN is an online resource created in collaboration with five national healthcare groups dedicated to advance executive diversity.

This centralized resource offers users easy access to vast information, tools, and inspiration for navigating career paths toward senior-level positions.

In early 2016, senior leaders from each of the six participating organizations signed a “Healthcare Executive Diversity Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).”  This agreement committed their organizations to engage in collaborative initiatives designed to increase and sustain diversity and inclusion at the highest level of healthcare leadership.

Consider learning more about EDCN, member forums, executive programs, and additional Diversity and Inclusion resources available with ACHE.

Stay safe and well,

Thomas N. Shorter, JD, FACHE

Regent (Interim) for Wisconsin