ACHE-WI Student Spotlight: Victor Hernandez


What are your short term career goals?

Going into my Administrative Fellowship at Johns Hopkins, I want to take full advantage of the networking and rotation opportunities that the program will give me. I want to position myself to grow as much as possible, and absorb all the useful knowledge that a leader in healthcare needs. I hope to find a role that fits my passions in healthcare and continue to have an impact on the communities my organization serves.

How has ACHE been valuable to you?

ACHE has opened the doors to so many possibilities. Through them and the amazing opportunity to attend ACHE Congress, I have learned about the value of networking in the field of healthcare administration. I now see the value that a mentor and a sponsor can have on a young careerist like myself, and the importance of knowing that I can bring something to the table. I may still be a student, but my lived experiences differ from everyone else’s, I can have an impact anywhere I go.

Who has been the most influential person in your career progression?

This would definitely be Andres Gonzales. He has been my rock throughout undergrad and graduate school. His calm demeanor and strong presence has assisted me in building a vision for myself. He has helped me develop a confidence in myself that I did not know I possessed. Mentorship alone does not describe the impact he has had on my life.

What is something that you are working on recently that you are excited about?

I am currently on the board for the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives in Wisconsin (NALHE-WI). We are excited to be hosting the national conference in September of this year. We are working on the final details, but it is excited to have such an important event taking place in our backyard.

What is the best gift that you ever received?

As a first generation student from Mexico, my parents decided to leave everything behind (steady jobs, their home, family, friends) in order to offer me and my siblings the best gift of them all; opportunity. I live everyday of my life with that reminder, hoping that I am doing everything in my power to show them that their sacrifice was worth it.