Advancing Diverse Executives

Meet the 37 scholars selected for ACHE’s 2022 Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program and Career Accelerator Program, who come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

This year, the Executive Diversity Program will consist of e-learning, including webinars; self-study materials; and three multiday, in-person sessions. The Career Accelerator Program is exclusively virtual. Dolan scholars are empowered through a structured curriculum and activities that cultivate strong leadership presence; sharpen expertise in diversity, equity and inclusion; build critical leadership skills; and expand one’s capacity to navigate career opportunities and challenges. Both programs are six months in duration and are wholly funded by the Fund for Healthcare Leadership.

We hope you recognize these exceptional leaders at an upcoming event and include them in your chapter’s DEI efforts. For more information, visit to learn more about the Executive Diversity Program, Career Accelerator Program, and other diversity and inclusion resources.