Leadership Development Program Visits BayCare Clinic and HSHS/Prevea Health in Green Bay

ACHE-WI 2023-2024 Leadership Development Program (LDP) Cohort XIV kicked off their 2023 Site Visits in Green Bay, spending the morning at BayCare Clinic and then traveling to Prevea Health for the afternoon on June 21st. Our early careerists met with senior leaders and learned about unique aspects of each organization. The group was privileged to participate in engaging discussions with key executives about leadership strategies and gained valuable insights and career advice along with some unexpected swag to remember the inaugural visit as a cohort.

Key takeaways included: Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Get to know people and build relationships; take time to understand politics at work and impact on others in the industry. Honor your moral code. Get rid of stupid stuff – “GROSS” (waste). Be curious, not judgmental (leadership tips from Ted Lasso). Advance through Availability – Competency – Behavior. Network and commit to continuing education and mentorship. Don’t be afraid to fail.

The day started at BayCare Clinic Corporate Headquarters with networking and breakfast, prior to interactive sessions with Ashwani Bhatia, MD, FACP, CPE, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Medical Officer; Tony Violetta, MPA, Chief Operating Officer; Karen Miller, MSN, RN, CHPN, Chief Quality Officer; Mike Schmidt, MBA, Director of Marketing & Business Development. LDP cohort member Sherrie Dorow, MBA, CMPE co-planned and hosted the high impact site visit.

The cohort then traveled to the Prevea Health Executive Office for a welcome lunch, followed by insightful and enlightening sessions with key executives including Ashok Rai, MD, President & CEO; Jason Helgeson, MS, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Paul Prichard, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer; Larry Gille, JD, Senior Vice President and General Counsel Prevea, Vice President Legal Affairs HSHS WI Division. The cohort capped off the day with a staff tour of the new Ambulatory Surgery Center, led by Luke Mitchell, MBA, Director of ASC, Prevea Health. LDP cohort member Milan Patel, MHA co-hosted the site visit, and welcomed his LDP student mentee Ryan Leitzinger to share in the experience.

ACHE-WI LDP Cohort XIV members include: Aly Capp, John Davis, Sherrie Dorow, Kiefer Jundt, Nora Kopping, Ben Meyer, Kaila Mitchell, Samuel Meyers, Milan Patel, Kalli VandenHeuvel. The cohort was joined by LDP co-chairs Aaron Kinney, FACHE and Kathleen Olewinski, FACHE, and LDP committee member Jessica Vogen who shared photos from the eventful day.


LDP Cohort XIV Site Visit at BayCare Clinic in Green Bay

Pictured (left to right): Dr. Ashwani Bhatia, Mike Schmidt, Aly Capp, Ben Meyer, Sam Meyers, Kiefer Jundt, Sherrie Dorow, John Davis, Kaila Mitchell, Tony Violetta.

LDP Cohort XIV Site Visit at Prevea Health in Green Bay

Pictured (left to right): Kathleen Olewinski, Ryan Leitzinger, Milan Patel, Ben Meyer, Aly Capp, John Davis, Kaila Mitchell, Kiefer Jundt, Sherrie Dorow, Aaron Kinney, Sam Meyers, Jess Vogen.

LDP Cohort XIV Tour of Prevea Health Ambulatory Surgery Center in Green Bay

Pictured (left to right): Kiefer Jundt, Sam Meyers, John Davis, Kaila Mitchell,
Ben Meyer, Sherrie Dorow, Ryan Leitzinger, Milan Patel.