ACHE Announces Nominating Committee 2022 Slate

The ACHE Nominating Committee has selected a slate of leaders to be presented for approval at the Council of Regents Meeting, March 26. All nominees have been notified and have agreed to serve if elected. All terms begin at the close of the Council meeting in March. The 2022 slate is as follows:

Nominating Committee Member, District 1 (two-year term ending in 2024)
Christine C. Winn, FACHE
Senior Vice President, MD Anderson Cancer Center Institute and Physician Alignment
Cooper University Health Care
Camden, N.J.

Nominating Committee Member, District 4 (two-year term ending in 2024)
Todd A. Caliva, FACHE
HCA Houston Healthcare Clear Lake
Webster, Texas

Nominating Committee Member, District 5 (two-year term ending in 2024)
Jennifer D. Alderfer, FACHE
SCL Health/Good Samaritan Medical Center
Lafayette, Colo.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Noel J. Cardenas, FACHE
Senior Vice President/CEO
Memorial Hermann Southeast and Pearland Hospitals

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Michael K. Givens, FACHE
St. Bernards Medical Center
Jonesboro, Ark.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Michele R. Martz, CPA, FACHE
UPMC Western Maryland
Cumberland, Md.

Governor (three-year term ending in 2025)
Dodie T. McElmurray, RN, FACHE
CEO, Community Hospitals
The University of Mississippi Medical Center
Grenada, Miss.

Delvecchio S. Finley, FACHE
Atrium Health Navicent
Macon, Ga.

Additional nominations for members of the Nominating Committee may be made from the floor at the annual Council of Regents Meeting.

Additional nominations for the offices of Chair-Elect and Governor may be made in the following manner: Any Fellow may be nominated by written petition of at least 15 members of the Council of Regents. Petitions must be received in the ACHE headquarters office (American College of Healthcare Executives, 300 S. Riverside Plaza, Ste. 1900, Chicago, IL 60606-6698) at least 60 days prior to the annual meeting of the Council of Regents. Regents shall be notified in writing of nominations at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting of the Council of Regents.

Thanks to the members of the Nominating Committee for their contributions to this important assignment:

Heather J. Rohan, FACHE
Michael J. Fosina, FACHE
John G. Faubion, FACHE
Col Stephanie S. Ku, FACHE
Jayne E. Pope, FACHE
John M. Snyder, FACHE
Jhaymee Tynan, FACHE
Peter J. Wright, FACHE